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Disability Care Provider Perth

At Marko Care, we’re a compassionate disability care provider in Perth, supporting individuals and families living with autism, physical disabilities, and intellectual disabilities.

Empowering Lives through Compassionate Disability Care

NDIS Registered Disability Care Provider

As a leading provider of disability care, Marko Care is dedicated to providing individualised, empathetic help to people with impairments. Our areas of expertise include community involvement projects, skill development programs, and personal care help. We are an NDIS registered provider. Our committed staff at Marko Care upholds the highest NDIS standards to provide our clients with the greatest care and assistance possible. We place a high priority on the independence and well-being of individuals we support.

Disability Care

Some Key Areas in Disability Care Service

Skill Development

At Marko Care, we are aware of the life-changing potential that skill development has for people with disabilities. Beyond typical care, our committed skill development programmes emphasise independence and self-assurance. Through interactive exercises and tailored interventions, we enable people to improve critical life skills including socialisation, communication, and everyday living. Through customisation of our approach to suit individual strengths and goals, we enable people to overcome obstacles on a daily basis and make valuable contributions to their communities. At Marko Care, skill development is more than just a service—it’s a means of helping each person we have the honour to assist reach their greatest potential and level of autonomy.

Community Engagement

At Marko Care, we understand the significance of community engagement in enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities. Our community engagement initiatives are designed to create opportunities for social interaction, inclusion, and meaningful participation. Through organised outings, group activities, and collaborative events, we encourage individuals to connect with their community, build relationships, and share experiences. These initiatives not only contribute to a sense of belonging but also empower individuals to explore their interests and passions within a supportive and inclusive environment. At Marko Care, community engagement is a vital aspect of our holistic approach, fostering social connections and enhancing the overall well-being of those we serve.

Personal Care Assistance

Marko Care takes pleasure in providing persons with disabilities with individualised, respectful personal care support. Our kind and well-trained carers help individuals with daily living activities, making sure they get the help they require without compromising their autonomy or personal preferences. Our personal care services are provided with the highest level of compassion and professionalism, ranging from dressing and bathing to grooming and toileting. Each person in our care is treated with dignity and privacy, and our staff is committed to building a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Personal care help is more than simply a service at Marko Care; it’s a dedication to maintaining the independence and wellbeing of people we serve.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Marko Care provides a wide range of disability care services, such as respite care, community involvement programmes, skill development programmes, personal care support, and more. Our services are customised to each person’s specific needs in order to support their independence and general wellbeing.

Indeed, Marko Care is pleased to have obtained registration as a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. By ensuring that our services meet the strictest safety and quality requirements established by the NDIS, this registration gives our clients and their families peace of mind.

Our strategy is based on the requirements and preferences of each individual. We carry out in-depth evaluations to comprehend the particular needs of every individual in our care. This data directs the creation of individualised care plans, guaranteeing that our offerings are customised to meet particular objectives and desires.

Marko Care is dedicated to promoting inclusivity within the community. We plan get-togethers, events, and group activities that promote engagement and social interaction. Through these programmes, people with disabilities can explore their interests in a safe environment, connect with others in their community, and develop relationships.

Marko Care is proud to have a group of exceptionally skilled and caring specialists on staff. Our carers go through extensive training to make sure they have the right abilities. Crucially, the members of our team are selected based on their sincere compassion and commitment to offering professional and courteous assistance to people with disabilities.



Our commitment to excellence in patient care is exemplified through our service, meticulously crafted to cater to the distinctive healthcare needs of our clients, ensuring a tailored and superior healthcare experience

Respite Care

Respite care provides temporary relief to caregivers of individuals with special needs, offering short breaks to prevent burnout.

Mental Health

Mental health care is a vital service focused on supporting individuals in their emotional and psychological well-being.